CrossX A1 Tabmate Android 2.2 Froyo

CrossX A1 Tabmate Android
Bila melihat ketatnya persaingan pasar android, CrossX adalah vendor yang tak ingin ketinggalan dengan meluncurkan ponsel android Cross A1 Andromeda. Cross A1 Andromeda ini memiliki spesifikasi yang lumayan untuk ponsel Entry Level dengan harga yang murah.

Tampilan disain Cross A1 terlihat lebih elegan ketimbang seri-seri sebelumnya. Antarmuka yang dihadirkan menggunakan LCD Touchscreen berjenis resistif, dengan ukuran 3.2 inci WQVGA. Dan didukung sistem operasi Android 2.2 Froyo, yang kabarnya dapat diupgrade ke Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Untuk mengiringi kinerja sistemnya, Cross A1 juga dibekali memori internal sebesar 256Mb plus slot microSD yang mendukung hingga 8GB.

Menanamkan layar sentuh HVGA 320 x 430 pixel menjadikan ponsel android murah ini nampak menawan. Cross A1 Andromeda ini juga memiliki fitur yang menjadi khas ponsel jaman sekarang, yaitu menjadikan ponsel android ini menjadi ponsel Android Dual GSM. Tak ketinggalan ponsel Cross A1 ini memiliki fitur lainnya seperti Wi-Fi, TV analog, Multimedia Player dan Bluetooth.

Jaringan: Dualband GSM (900/1800 MHz) & Dual On;
Layar: 3.2 inci, TFT Resistive Touchscreen, WQVGA;
OS: Android 2.2 Froyo;
Kamera: 2.0 megapiksel, flash, Video recorder;
Memori internal: 256Mb; 
Memori eksternal: microSD up to 8GB;
Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email, IM;
Konektivitas: WiFi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth (A2DP), kabel data;
Browser: HTML;
Fitur lain: Polifonik (MP3), MP3/3GP/MP4 player, radio FM, Sound recorder, Modem, Webcam, Facebook, Twitter, Android Market, eBuddy, Yahoo, Google, Organizer;
Baterai: Lithium ion

Harga CrossX A1 Tabmate Android 2.2 Froyo Rp. 799.000
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BlackBerry Torch 9860

BlackBerry Torch 9860
The BlackBerry (R) Torch (TM) 9860 uses a dedicated a 3.7 inch touchscreen display with liquid graphics. Running the new BlackBerry 7 operating system, the vivid touchscreen is the perfect tool to navigate the web and media browsers with pinch, swipe and zoom functionality. Stay in touch with friends through BlackBerry Messenger or stay on top of work with full push email. The Torch 9860 also boasts an impressive 5.0 Megapixel camera, HSDPA, Wi-Fi and access to over 7000 apps in BlackBerry App World.

Full Specifications

120 x 62 x 11.5mm

135 g

Main Display
16 million colours
TFT capacitive touchscreen
3.7 inches

4 GB Internal Memory
768 MB Ram
Micro SD support up to 32GB

5.0 mega-pixel
2592 x 1944 pixels

BlackBerry 7 OS
Instant Messaging
Media player
MP3 Music Player
MP3 ringtones
720p HD Video Capture

What's in the box?
  • Instruction Manual
  • Standard Li-ion Battery
  • Mains Charger
  • Stereo Headset
  • USB Data Cable
Long Description

The BlackBerry Torch 9860 features a crystal clear 3.7 inch capacitive touchscreen display. Use your fingers to navigate through menus; once you've used a touchscreen phone you'll never look back! This stunning display also features a built in accelerometer for auto screen rotation, a proximity sensor to turn the screen to standby when on a call and support for multi-touch.

Lightning Speed
The 9860 has the most powerful processor ever seen ini a Blackberry, a 1.2GHz processor combined with the newest 7 OS makes the Tourch 9860 the fastest blackberry ever. Plus instant touch screen swiping, pinching and zooming with Liquid Graphics, means you can get even more done in less time.

BlackBerry Messenger!
BlackBerry Messenger provides BlackBerry users with the familiar look and feel of desktop instant messaging programs only this time you can take it with you wherever you go. BlackBerry Messenger lets you send messages to friends, supports group chat and notifies you when they have read the message and even when they are composing a reply. And as BlackBerry Messenger uses data, it wont put a dent in your SMS text allowance!

BlackBerry Media Sync!
The BlackBerry 9860 Smartphone syncs with iTunes and Windows Media Player so you can transfer your music files to your phone. Want a specific playlist for the gym? With just a few simple clicks you can choose the playlists you want from your collection. And, to make sure you've always got enough free memory, BlackBerry Media Sync lets you set a limit as to how much of your music to sync.

BlackBerry App World!
Download Blackberry OS Apps to your Torch from the Blackberry App World application store. Enhance your phone with new apps including games, news feeds, social networking apps and much more. With BlackBerry OS and App World, the possibilities are endless.

Instant Email
With instant email access on the Blackberry Torch you can keep up to date with all your important messages even when you are away from your PC. Once you've followed the simple set up procedure you will be able to access your email on your mobile phone as easily as you do in the office or at home

Do it wirelessly
Stay connected to the things that matter to you thanks to the Blackberry Torch Wi-Fi. Wirelessly back up and copy your media to your PC, WiFi also means SPEED. The Blackberry Torch empowers you to access the Internet at high speed.

Super fast HSDPA and 3G!
Do you have a need for speed? Well with the BlackBerry Torch you will be able to enjoy data speeds at amazing speeds thanks to HSDPA technology. You can download music, games, and video clips at the touch of a button at amazingly fast speeds!

Built-in GPS Receiver
The Blackberry Torch features a built-in GPS receiver. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. More than two dozen GPS satellites orbit the Earth and transmit radio signals which allow any GPS receiver near the planet to determine its location, speed and direction. This is perfect for car satellite navigation!

5.0 Megapixel Camera
With a built in 5.0 megapixel camera, the 9860 Torch takes quality pictures that you will want to share with your friends. Store them in your phone, email them to friends or upload them to your blog

Bluetooth 2.1
Bluetooth 2.1 is the next generation of Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth 2.1 one of the biggest advantages is the possibility of listening to music with a compatible wireless headset in stereo. Less wires, less mess, more noise.

Music Player
With a built in music player, you can carry your tunes with you, in your pocket, and listen to them when you want. Most digital formats are recognised on the phone, including MP3 and AAC.

Java is often a forgotten feature on many phones, and is probably used in many ways without you even realising. If you play games on your phone, it is likely they are java apps. But java is so much more than games. It allows you to add extra functionality to your handset by installing third party apps to the phone. Add email functionality with Gmail, add a web browser from Opera Mini, add a business directory with or keep an eye on a new purchase on Ebay.

Built in Hands Free
For the moments when you want to take that call but your hands are busy doing something else, the built in hands free option on the Blackberry 9800 comes into its own. You can even turn the handset into a makeshift conference phone!

Expandable Memory
With phones offering so much these days, memory is a premium. Very often on board memory is very low, so an option to add extra memory with the addition of a memory card is invaluable. If you are using your phone as a media player, expandable memory allows you to add songs, store videos and keep photos, and take them with you, all located on your phone
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Nokia N8 Symbian 3 Smartphone

Nokia mobile phone launched Nokia N8 last week emirate of Dubai, the status of money, which is the first in the group of new Nokia smart phones running SYMBIAN3, which is one of the fastest and most appliances accuracy in the region to provide users with the experience of social real beauty combines integrated use and give the user a custom interface and fast.

Nokia N8 and is characterized by the possibility of video editing captured through the application of built-in device, which doubles its capacity as an entertainment laptop, especially with something to offer technical Surround Sound Dolby Digital Plus has been in the event of network-based home theater.

The company announced during the press conference that the new device will be launched on the market in the month of October next, at more than five hundred dollars.

Henry said Mattila Director of Marketing solutions company that in furtherance of the vision of Nokia in the manufacture of a device does not continue to merit the basic stand down as an intelligent mobile with the services and experience allow the user of social networking and identify different places, adding that he expects a lot from a Nokia N8, which is running SYMBIAN3 with benefits enhanced in terms of speed and ease of use in addition to the close integration with applications and services, shop OVI-mail.

Allows the new device users to capture a high quality video from HD through a camera accurately 12 mega pixel Carl Zeiss optics and flash-type xenon Xenon addition to sensors of light that has a large scale allows her to take as many of the light gives quality comparable to those produced by most digital cameras compact.

And follow-up amateur television programs, provide Nokia N8 Services WEB TV that displays TV programs and news and entertainment through a number of international channels such as NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PARAMOUNT E! ENTERTAINMENT, CNN as well as Internet content available through the local store OVI-mail.

And highlights the social networks as the second feature identifies features of the Nokia N8, where users can update their files and share information regarding the site, as well as images, and browse sites such as Facebook and Twitter directly through the application of one of the interface device, in addition to the possibility of moving the dates of events and events from social networks directly to the Calendar device.

Comes equipped with a Nokia N8 OVI service maps and free navigation in all countries of the world which will help users access to the places and points of interest in more than 70 countries around the world.

With the Nokia platform Qt SDK users can also extract the future version of their applications through easily modified to work with platforms such as mobile phones future Mee Go with at the same time take advantage of any extra features or interfaces contain applications such as those platforms.

He said that Nokia will focus on making the developers earn more money by raising the number of users of the application of the operator and improve the share of revenues significantly for payments disbursed after October 1.

As Nokia has also delete the step signature on the application of costly time-consuming, and the push of a button you can now complete the signing of the phones java and symbian has allowed the acquisition of Nokia Corporation Motally provide analysis of logical rich applications developers and publishers to better track their content and reporting , and these possibilities will be expanded to include both the platforms and qt and meeego symbian and java.

And provides access to shop Qvi mail tremendous opportunities for developers and database users active in more than 190 countries, with local relationships strong with 91 operators of the best operators in the world, saw more than 50 publishers download their applications more than a million times each and every one of them, and it comes with some of them – offscreen like to download the application more than 43 million times.

The first platform SDK for mobile devices that touch

In addition to the improvements made to the Qt SDK Nokia platform for smartphones and mobile computers, announced the Nokia platform SDK for the Series, Series 40 touch and type – the first platform SDK touch screen mobile phones in the industry.

In the past year, Nokia has already shipped 364 million handsets – about one million a day and offers a platform SDK in a series of phones Series 40 touch and type the benefits of the interface that is touch a global audience again, and will make the platform SDK which is available for download on the FORUM. NOKIA.COM development of these devices is very easy and would allow the possibility of transferring existing applications to the current Nokia smartphones with ease.
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Intel & Nokia Research 3D Mobile Interfaces

Nokia and Intel
Today, the two companies have announced another partnership aimed at improving MeeGo’s potential for competing against Android and iOS - a joint research program tasked with creating new mobile user experiences.

Intel and Nokia have chosen the University of Oulu’s center for internet excellence to be the host of this newly formed 'joint innovation center.' The University of Oulu is credited for being the home of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and the open source VR platform realXtend, among other things, and no doubt Nokia already has strong ties to this large Finnish university.

Starting immediately, some two dozen researchers from the university’s community will collaborate towards creating “compelling mobile user experiences.”

Though the center’s goals are focused on 3D mobile interfaces, Intel and Nokia also noted that development time will be devoted towards crafting new interfaces for virtual worlds - but get this, for use in a mobile environment. The two talked about extending CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment - think holodeck) type interfaces into the mobile realm.

Intel and Nokia were light on details about what specific goals they had in mind for the center - beyond simply crafting revolutionary interfaces for mobile devices. But mobile is still hot enough that the two can rationalize essentially tossing researchers a wad of cash with guidelines along the lines of 'go make something new.'
Intel and Nokia's Initial Virtual Worlds Concept

It doesn’t take much imagination to realize that Intel and Nokia have augmented reality in mind for the future of mobile devices.

Virtual worlds thus far have been dominated by the likes of Second Life and other desktop centric experiences. Although those have failed to achieve mainstream popularity, Intel and Nokia clearly see potential for virtual worlds to make a comeback in the mobile space. Currently, another Finnish company, Sulake - who is known for developing the relatively mainstream Habbo Hotel - debuted a mobile virtual world platform of their own named Bobba. Bobba Bar runs on iOS and Nokia Series 60 platform devices, and has since become Sulake’s most popular and successful project.

Clearly, Intel and Nokia see the potential for immersion that mobile brings to virtual worlds, and beyond into augmented reality.

On a more practical level, hopefully mobile-focused user interaction R&D will give rise to interesting new interface paradigms for touch interfaces that will eventually be integrated into MeeGo, most of which will be immediately open sourced according to Intel.

The challenge that MeeGo designers face will be developing a UI that works well on and scales from 3 inch smartphone screens up to iPad-like 10” tablet screens. Intel and Nokia both will need both a research heavy foundation to find what interaction paradigms work best, and the talent to bring those research projects to market with MeeGo.

More importantly, however, is focus on making sure MeeGo delivers as a smartphone platform. Before we can really get excited about virtual worlds, Nokia and Intel both will need to deliver compelling reasons for consumers to consider MeeGo over a host of serious competitors all developing their own touch-centric mobile platforms.
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