Nokia N8 Symbian 3 Smartphone

Nokia mobile phone launched Nokia N8 last week emirate of Dubai, the status of money, which is the first in the group of new Nokia smart phones running SYMBIAN3, which is one of the fastest and most appliances accuracy in the region to provide users with the experience of social real beauty combines integrated use and give the user a custom interface and fast.

Nokia N8 and is characterized by the possibility of video editing captured through the application of built-in device, which doubles its capacity as an entertainment laptop, especially with something to offer technical Surround Sound Dolby Digital Plus has been in the event of network-based home theater.

The company announced during the press conference that the new device will be launched on the market in the month of October next, at more than five hundred dollars.

Henry said Mattila Director of Marketing solutions company that in furtherance of the vision of Nokia in the manufacture of a device does not continue to merit the basic stand down as an intelligent mobile with the services and experience allow the user of social networking and identify different places, adding that he expects a lot from a Nokia N8, which is running SYMBIAN3 with benefits enhanced in terms of speed and ease of use in addition to the close integration with applications and services, shop OVI-mail.

Allows the new device users to capture a high quality video from HD through a camera accurately 12 mega pixel Carl Zeiss optics and flash-type xenon Xenon addition to sensors of light that has a large scale allows her to take as many of the light gives quality comparable to those produced by most digital cameras compact.

And follow-up amateur television programs, provide Nokia N8 Services WEB TV that displays TV programs and news and entertainment through a number of international channels such as NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PARAMOUNT E! ENTERTAINMENT, CNN as well as Internet content available through the local store OVI-mail.

And highlights the social networks as the second feature identifies features of the Nokia N8, where users can update their files and share information regarding the site, as well as images, and browse sites such as Facebook and Twitter directly through the application of one of the interface device, in addition to the possibility of moving the dates of events and events from social networks directly to the Calendar device.

Comes equipped with a Nokia N8 OVI service maps and free navigation in all countries of the world which will help users access to the places and points of interest in more than 70 countries around the world.

With the Nokia platform Qt SDK users can also extract the future version of their applications through easily modified to work with platforms such as mobile phones future Mee Go with at the same time take advantage of any extra features or interfaces contain applications such as those platforms.

He said that Nokia will focus on making the developers earn more money by raising the number of users of the application of the operator and improve the share of revenues significantly for payments disbursed after October 1.

As Nokia has also delete the step signature on the application of costly time-consuming, and the push of a button you can now complete the signing of the phones java and symbian has allowed the acquisition of Nokia Corporation Motally provide analysis of logical rich applications developers and publishers to better track their content and reporting , and these possibilities will be expanded to include both the platforms and qt and meeego symbian and java.

And provides access to shop Qvi mail tremendous opportunities for developers and database users active in more than 190 countries, with local relationships strong with 91 operators of the best operators in the world, saw more than 50 publishers download their applications more than a million times each and every one of them, and it comes with some of them – offscreen like to download the application more than 43 million times.

The first platform SDK for mobile devices that touch

In addition to the improvements made to the Qt SDK Nokia platform for smartphones and mobile computers, announced the Nokia platform SDK for the Series, Series 40 touch and type – the first platform SDK touch screen mobile phones in the industry.

In the past year, Nokia has already shipped 364 million handsets – about one million a day and offers a platform SDK in a series of phones Series 40 touch and type the benefits of the interface that is touch a global audience again, and will make the platform SDK which is available for download on the FORUM. NOKIA.COM development of these devices is very easy and would allow the possibility of transferring existing applications to the current Nokia smartphones with ease.

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TheRohan said...
October 21, 2010 at 1:21 PM

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I am goin to submit my apps so was going through sum sites and found out about some ovi store guidelines…

If any of u need any help regarding the guidelines before submitng ur apps then check this link:

TheRohan said...
November 18, 2010 at 5:22 PM

The Series 40 6th Edition SDK, Feature Pack 1from Nokia assists you in creating and testing application that are optimized for the Touch and Type UI. This feature pack contains Developing for Series 40 devices, Java™ application developers, Flash Lite developers, Web developers, Theme developer and Media and content developers.

For downloading and details check:

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TheRohan said...
November 24, 2010 at 2:19 PM

Nokia Multimedia Converter 2.0, including an enhanced user interface and support for 128 kbps video bit stream, is a tool for converting common multimedia files (such as AVI, WAV, MPEG, and MP3) into standard 3GPP/AMR, H.263, wideband-, and narrow-band-AMR-supported formats for use in mobile phone applications such as MMS. Original and converted multimedia and 3GPP/AMR formats can be played on a PC.

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rashid2626 said...
December 12, 2010 at 4:40 PM

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